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Work Flexibility

Yesterday we had our first event in English. We started big. Eva Pánková told us about flexibility at work and made us realize that more than fewer hours in the office when talking about flexibility we’re talking about many issues, because the important thing is more than making good efforts is to make smart efforts.

When talking about flexibility we’re talking about the opportunity to choose how we work, in terms of time and space, understanding with respect to others that my decisions  would affect others linked to my work. So it will be necessary  to define how to collaborate with them while fulfilling my goals and developing relationships. adjusting to the criteria of time and space, so we must also be flexible to change our options based on our life and other needs.

It is not about jumping into the water without thinking. On the contrary, it is essential to make a FLEXINVENTORY to understand what I’m looking for when choosing a flexible option, what I will gain, how this will affect my professional career, what this will imply for my employer, and many other questions that Flexjobs is ready to help you answer.

Anyway, once I define that it’s important for my life to resort to flexibility, there’s only one option left: between doing and not doing: Do. You have to try, starting small, to show that you’re ready to meet high standards of quality in your work, tell the story of why this will help you and the company. The key element is to generate TRUST.

Juanita Sanchez