How to make the most of working flexibility | Coworking Bitacola
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Coworking Bitacola | Sant Cugat | Cerdanyola | Sabadell

How to make the most of working flexibility

The 22nd of november at 18:00 we are going to have at Bitàcola Coworking at Sant Cugat (Carretera Rubí, 88 Bajos izquierdos, modulo 1) a discussion about best practices about working flexibility.

Working in flexible regimes sounds cool and promising towards work and life balance. But in reality people often find it too complicated and managers are afraid of loosing team performance. We have to do it right and understand requirements of flexible working environment to make it work both for companies and people. Come to share your experience and listen to what works for others. Get some new ideas on how to be flexible, efficient and happy in the same time.

Eva Pánková is HR expert and partner at FLEXJOBS, who helps companies and people to develop their processes and skills to succeed in flexible environment. She herself works remote and can understand troubles people experience in flexible situations.


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